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TPHC Tips Videos

TPHC Tips videos

In the videos below, TPHC doctors and therapists share important information for keeping your functioning at your best throughout the day.

TPHC Tip: Chair Massage

On-Site Workplace Massage (Seated Acupressure Massage) is a quick and effective treatment performed over clothing on an ergonomically designed chair. The massage focuses mainly on the upper body which is an effective way to banish stress, decrease muscle tension and increase morale in the workplace.

TPHC Tip: Drink Water

This short clip emphasizes the importance of drinking water everyday. Staying hydrated will keep your body in a homeostatic balance. As well, most headaches can be prevented by drinking water.

TPHC Tip: Ergonomics

This short clip illustrates and emphasizes the importance of having a proper ergonomic workstation to prevent future injuries to occur.

TPHC Tip: Maintenance

This short clip describes and emphasizes the importance of body maintenance and what you can do to keep your body in “tune”. Regular body maintenance can include regular massage visits, acupuncture and chiropractic spinal alignment checkups. Taking these proactive steps with regular body maintenance can substantially reduce the risk of future injury.

TPHC Tip: Sleeping

This short clip emphasizes the importance of sleeping positions as well as the quality of your mattress and pillows. Sleeping on your side or back are the best positions whereas sleeping on your stomach may cause many neck and back issues.

TPHC Tip: Stretches

This short clip emphasizes and describes some important stretches that you can do in the workplace. Having a regular stretching routine is a great way to keep your muscles loose and plays an important role in preventing repetitive injuries.

You can check out more videos at our YouTube channel.

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