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Graston Technique

grastonThe inflammatory process within the human body is necessary for proper healing to occur, however scar tissue and adhesions are a byproduct of such process which can impede upon the function of the muscles and surrounding tissues.  Graston technique and instruments help to correct the adhesions and scar tissue that form due to injury and inflammation by increasing tissue elasticity and fibroblastic activity to return the muscles and surrounding tissues to as close to pre-injury status as possible. This is accomplished by initiating a controlled inflammatory process which will allow the tissue to begin the healing process, breaking down scar tissue and adhesions in the tissue and redirecting collagen formation in the proper orientation for correct movement of muscles and tissues

What are the benefits of Graston Technique

Graston instruments allow for more ease in detecting fibrotic changes in the soft tissues through the vibrations carried through the tools as they are run along the fibers of the muscle, they help with faster recovery and rehabilitation from injury, and decrease pain in the patient by helping to remove scar tissue and adhesions which limit the proper function of muscle.

What are the goals of Graston Technique

The goal of this technique is to restore the correct texture, motion, and function of the muscles and soft tissue by removal of adhesions and scar tissue that result from acute or chronic injury, repetitive motion, pressure, or tension. By so doing the pain levels will be reduced and proper function will be restored.

What can Graston Technique treat?

Graston is highly effective for chronic and hard-to-diagnose illnesses.  It has proven beneficial for: